Smart design end-of-line solutions

A-One’s focus area is end-of-line solutions for selected food industries


A-One supplies the last machinery in the line for the packaging of packed-food


  • Provides marked logistics/packaging savings
  • Improves working environment and reduces lifting + monotonous work
  • Compact – needs only little space
  • Easily integrated with your existing packaging line
  • Are extremely flexible as regards both retail and shipment packaging
  • High capacity and precision in the packaging
  • Equipped with intuitive user interface
  • Stainless steel structure


A-One case packers are suitable within the packaging of retail packages of fruit, berries, vegetables, fish, meat, bread, poultry, and much more.


Egatec Packaging Int. also offers a range of automated solutions within packaging and palletizing 


Egatec Packaging Int. is specialized in fully automated end-of-line solutions with a wide range of products such as casepackers, wrap around solutions, internal transport, case sealers and palletizing units. 


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