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Developed for fully automated end of line packing

A-One designs and manufactures end of line solutions, most notably for the food industry. Our case packers successfully automate the process moving product from packing machine to transport container.


A-One was established in 2009 on the basis of a few unique concepts about how compact and efficient case packers for the food industry could be designed. The successful construction of the first prototype was subsequently followed by full machine production, now having made a name for ourself, A-One packaging supplies machines in our home market and abroad.


Value for our customers

A-One is known and renowned for case packers where quality, efficiency, functionality, precision and competitive prices are considered particularly favourable by selected segments within the food industry.


A-One is considered to be a market-oriented business providing solutions that reflect customers demands.


A-One is a leading provider within unique machinery giving the market the best balance between quality and price.


A-One cooperates with our dealers and end-users for the purpose of continually developing our machinery in order to enable us to supply even better solutions and strengthen our position on the market.


Maximum flexibility

A-One represents maximum flexibility to our users. Our machinery is easily adapted for existing packaging lines, regardless of how the products to be shipped are packed - whether they be in bags, cartons, boxes or cases. Also, regardless of whether your product is fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, poultry or bread etc. Any product requiring swift and orderly packing can be managed effectively.


We keep focused on the development and demands of the market, and excel in adapting and further developing our machinery in order that it continues to create value for our customers.


Competent dealers near your business

A-One Packaging has a network of competent dealers who play an important role when you buy A-One machine. They will support implementation and subsequent servicing as required.


Danish design and manufacture

A-One design and assemble all machinery at our own workshop, using individual parts from the best world-wide suppliers. We perform fitting and quality testing at our own workshop before timely delivery.


A part of Egatec Packaging International

A-One Packaging has been, as of May 13th 2016, acquired by Egatec Packaging Int. Egatec Packaging is specialized in end-of-line automated solutions within packaging and palletizing. All activities in A-One Packaging including design, production, sales and support are continuing under Egatec Packaging. 

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